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K- 5th Grade

Meeting time: Sundays during each service 

9:00am -11:00am  - 1:00pm

This Month's Theme:


This week's video:

Memory Verse:


Worship Songs:

Teaching Method

The Orange 252 Basics curriculum is Large group/Small group based. Every lesson and resource offered helps kids discover who Jesus is, and then shows them how to put their faith into practical action on a Tuesday morning when they’ve overslept or on a Friday afternoon when the teacher is playing favorites.


The kids first start off in a large group where they participate in dancing and singing kids worship songs. They then watch a short video that captures the day's lesson. Afterwards, we go into more detail by retelling the story, using props and sometimes asking kids to help re-enact what they just saw. We also ask questions to make sure the kids have grasped the key points and are leaving the room with the right message. The child who has demonstrated that they know the lesson the best is chosen at the end to lead the group in prayer, and then dismiss into their small groups.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to teach our children about God's love

Praise and Worship

At ther start of every class, we begin with an interactive worship session that the kids can dance along with. We try to instill that worship is an essential part of loving God and that it paves the way for the rest of the lesson.

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